SPOTLIGHT: Hyperrealistic Paintings by Gustavo Silva Nuñez

Excuse…. me… What kind of?!

Valencia, Venezuela-based sorcerer artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates extraordinary paintings that are so hyperrealistic, they seem to come to life and flow right off the canvas.

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geometric composition by Andy Gilmore


geometric composition by Andy Gilmore

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Tags: art


Amazing street art | From up North


Emptied Gestures by Heather Hansen

Utilizing her body movements, Heather Hansen creates breathtaking, large scale charcoal paintings. In 2012 she began experimenting with kinetic drawing and has been searching for ways to combine her passion for visual art and dance. The idea for the series ‘Emptied Gestures’ was sparked on a trip to the beach.

Whilst dancing on the beach she noticed that the lines carved in the sand by her turns had an interesting quality. She explains her work as follows: ‘Emptied Gestures is an experiment in kinetic drawing. In this series, I am searching for ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and creating something new in the process.’

Photography: Bryan Tarnowski

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Street Fighter Fan Art by Phuwadon Thongnoum

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Xavier Veilhan, Alice & The Man on the Phone (2013, 2010).

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